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(hosted under my university account).

I am Clement Ng.

I am studing a Bachelor in computer engineering at the University of New South Wales.
I defend against shaper attacks with the Sydney Resistance.
I do computer things on computer when I am not working on my computer.

"No one calls you Clemm, Clementine." - Eddie (friend)

Projects (really out of date)

Prototype hotel booking system in Java

Everything is neat and tidy! My very first project in Java.

This neat little website (and old versions of it)

Planning on the third rewrite from ground up (using Python Flask)

Memory sub-allocator in C

An embarrasingly simple custom best-fit malloc() implementation in C.

Motion sensing interactive suite via MS Kinect

Kids love it! It's my HSC major work, and a miracle everything somehow worked.

Get In Touch

Feel free to email me about anything. I'll try my best to answer them ^^